Meet Pete

Pete Barrett
Group property manager, Gloucestershire Science and Technology Park

“Stroud District sits at the geographical centre of the Western Gateway, working to power the UK’s effort to reach net zero across South Wales and Western England.”

A unique site, with the opportunity to retrofit existing buildings is what drew Gloucester Science and Technology Park to Stroud District. Being in a district that is at the centre of green technology ensures it continues to thrive.

Pete Barrett, Gloucestershire Science and Technology Park explains, “Stroud District lives and breathes its green reputation – that is reflected in the way we have reused and retrofitted existing buildings on our campus, the green tech companies we have in our research and office spaces and the advanced engineering and digital technology training provided to young people at the College.”

A green science and technology park with learning at its heart, Gloucestershire Science and Technology Park launched in 2015 as a place to promote skills, education, employment, sustainability, science and technology. It now houses staff and learners at SGS College and Berkeley Green UTC with over 15 key business tenants including Green Fuels Research, University of Gloucestershire and Gloucestershire Police.

Independent research organisation, The Active Building Centre ran its test facility at Gloucester Science and Technology Park, working to ensure the built environment sector can accelerate its journey to net zero. The facilities and innovative spirit of the Active Building Centre lives on at the Science and Technology Park, and a new Green Skills and Retrofit Centre, SGS Eco Futures, is set to provide a new generation of learners and businesses with the skills they need to help in the transition to a net zero future in construction.

Pete says, “We can provide the sort of space that green technology businesses need – we have a mix of laboratory, research and office space that is just not widely available elsewhere. Stroud District’s great connectivity to Bristol, Cardiff and London via road and rail plus our beautiful surroundings and high standard of living make it a really great choice for businesses.”

Pete Barrett, Group property manager, Gloucestershire Science & Technology Park
Pete Barrett, Group property manager, Gloucestershire Science & Technology Park