We are a district of
We are a district of

Why Stroud District?

This website is hosted by Stroud District Council and our aim is simple: to stimulate investment in our district by helping you find out what makes our place, our people and our businesses so special. Stroud District has an energy unlike any other place. It’s green and dynamic, climate conscious and motivated, creative and collaborative, rural and urban, and unapologetically ambitious.

In the heart of Gloucestershire, Stroud District is a rural melting pot of diverse ideas, people, skills, connections and opportunities. The natural place to locate a business, seed new ideas and nurture and enable communities. We aren't afraid to challenge, disrupt and follow our convictions.

Stroud District is immersed in nature but connected to the world.

We live green and think big.

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Coaley Peak

Take a closer look...

The natural place for...

Changemakers, disruptors, innovators, environmentalists, inventors, creators, progressives, entrepreneurs, engineers, futurists and gamechangers.

People make Stroud District a vibrant, dynamic place. The spirit of the people who live, work, grow and thrive here makes anything possible.

Close up of Indigo Redfern, CEO, GL11 Community Hub holding up Location icon
Indigo Redfern, CEO, GL11 Community Hub

Investment opportunities

Gloucester Fringe
Quedgeley West Business Park • Quadrant Distribution Centre (Gateway 12) • Quedgeley • St. Mowden Park

Stroudwater Industrial Estate/Business Park • Stonehouse Business Park

Stroud Valleys
Griffin Mills • Hope Mills • Meadow Mill • Stafford Mills • Spring Mill Business Park 

Cam & Dursley
Draycott/ Middle Mill Industrial Area

Berkeley & Sharpness
Gloucestershire Science And Technology Park (GSTP) • Severn Distribution Park

Rural Locations
Actrees Farm, Heathfield • Westend Courtyard

The Great Eight - our local areas